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A Mentally Safe Minecraft Server for youth in Saskatchewan

Each province and territory in Canada has recognized one program or individual within its borders with an Award for Innovation in Mental Health and Addictions Care. People First Radio presents a series of conversations with a number of the recipients from across Canada.

At the start of the year, The Canadian Mental Health Association’s Saskatchewan Branch launched a Mentally Safe Minecraft Server for youth in the province.

Minecraft is a video game in which players can explore and build structures with others in a large online world.

Alongside the Minecraft server, CMHA Saskatchewan has an accompanying Discord, which is an online platform that lets people communicate and chat while playing games together online.

In addition to providing youth a safe space to play, the server also allows a space for gamers to informally connect with mental health support workers, something that could help to mitigate wait times for youth seeking mental health support in the province.

Rebecca Rackow is the director of advocacy research and public policy development at the Canadian Mental Health Association’s Saskatchewan Branch. She spoke with People First Radio about the Mentally Safe Minecraft Server.

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