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Grieving mom shares message in front of B.C. legislature after nearly 900 KM run

Jessica Michalofsky wrapped up a journey of almost 900 Kilometres on Sunday in front of the legislature in Victoria. In late May, she set off running from Nelson in memory of her son Aubrey, who died from toxic drug poisoning.

Michalofsky was greeted by a crowd of around 100 people at a rally organized by Moms Stop The Harm, a network of Canadian families impacted by substance use harms and deaths. The crowd heard a number of speeches, including one from BC’s chief coroner Lisa Lapointe, and Michalofsky herself.

People First Radio’s Joe Pugh was in attendance to record the speeches, and to speak with those in the crowd about what brought them out.

two people are running side by side.

Jessica Michalofsky approaches the legislature beside her brother Brandon. In her hand is a photo of her son Aubrey.

photos are hung from a fence with a government building in the background

Photos of people who have died from toxic drug poisoning displayed in front of the legislature in Victoria, Sunday June 25, 2023.

A group of people run along a sidewalk lined by a crowd.

A group of runners accompanying Michalofsky approach the legislature as the crowd looks on.

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