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'There is hope' - sharing supports for people in poverty

From a pet food bank, to crisis supplements available for people on income assistance, Sarah Pump says there are a lot of resources people in need may not be aware of.

When Pump was diagnosed with a chronic illness and became too sick to work, she saw first hand what it was like to navigate support systems.

“Everything is a secret. I didn’t discover that there was such thing as a crisis supplement available to people on income assistance and disability until I had been on it for almost a year,” she said.

Now, she’s created Poverty Advocacy Nanaimo, a website designed to share information about supports that could make a significant difference to someone living in poverty.

“There is hope. There are things out there that can help you. Even in the midst of this economic crisis, my son and I are doing okay, because, literally every single day, we are accessing a different resource. And it takes time and it takes labour, but it’s worth it.”

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