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TikTok and public health: the big questions

With over a billion users, the bulk of whom are under 30, TikTok is a big deal.

The short video based social media platform is known for its powerful algorithm, that finds what you like to watch and feeds you more.

Whether it’s videos of cats being cats, the making of giant chocolate giraffes, or someone talking about a bad breakup, the app can take you in wildly different directions.

Because TikTok only started gaining popularity around 2018, and is always evolving, there’s a ton of stuff we just don’t know about the impacts of the platform

In a 2021 paper in the British Medical Journal, Marco Zenone outlined a proposed research agenda into TikTok and public health.

Zenone spoke with People First Radio about that agenda, and some of the research that’s taken place since its publication.

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