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Tydel Foods: making sure low income seniors in Chilliwack don't go hungry/The Superette - Nanaimo's best kept secret?

Brigida Crosbie is the founder and owner of Tydel foods in Chilliwack.

The store, named after her two daughters, Tyanna and Delana, operates at a low markup – food is priced only slightly higher than it costs them to get in. They also provide seniors with a heavily discounted food package.

Crosbie Says her mission is to put people ahead of profits. People First Radio reached her by phone in Chilliwack.

Is there any kind of equivalent to Tydel Foods in Nanaimo? The closest thing might be The Superette, advertised as Nanaimo’s best kept secret. People First Radio’s Joe Pugh paid a visit to the Albert street store to speak with a few folks about the longtime locally owned grocer.


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