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When MPs lose their jobs

Losing your job is stressful, to say the least.

It can be accompanied by a sense of grief, uncertainty, and psychological distress.

There’s one group of people for whom unpredictable job loss is not only possible, but necessary for a well functioning democratic society.

Yet as Zim Nwokora explains, there’s not a ton of sympathy out there for MPs and other politicians who lose their jobs after elections.

Nwokora is a senior lecturer in politics and policy studies at Deakin University in Australia.

He and his colleagues have recently completed research into just what happens to MPs who lose their jobs.

The results challenge some stereotypes and assumptions people may have, and Nwokora argues that if we want to push good people to be politicians, we shouldn’t scoff at what happens when they lose their jobs.

First Broadcast June 16 2022.

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