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When My Ghost Sings, Recovery following stroke and memory loss

When she was 32 years old, Tara Sidhoo Fraser had a stroke, and experienced the loss of most of her memories. She’s written about her recovery in the weeks, months, and years that followed in a new memoir, When My Ghost Sings.

Sidhoo Fraser says sharing her story has created an outpouring of connection.

“I have had the most incredible experiences, of talking with other people who have undergone brain trauma…or any other type of trauma really,” she said.

“The connection that it’s brought forth, unearthing these hidden tales, that everybody has a story, has just been absolutely beautiful.”

Now, seven years later, Sidhoo Fraser is at peace with the life she’s created for herself, and has gotten to a point where she’s ready to let her ghost stay in the past.

“Environment, place, situations, people etcetera, change your life so much, that I didn’t have to chase her world anymore.”

Photo credit: Kristine Cofsky.

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