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Monday Lunch Together using food to help people move forward

The Nanaimo Foodshare is using food to help people move forward.

On Mondays, in the basement of St. Paul’s Anglican Church, anyone from the community is invited to come share in a free meal, prepared by people in the Foodshare’s employment programs, under the tutelage of professional chef Calven Chow.

Called the Monday Lunch together program, meals are available at no cost, although donations are accepted. People First Radio host Joe Pugh visited the program this past week.

Current participant Linda Chapman said she’s picked up her skills on chopping, and has learned various recipes.

“it’s a big family and everybody’s here to help you,” she said. “It’s from the beginning right to the interview.”

Chef Chow wants people to know that anyone

Past participant Dan Doucette now works at the Vancouver Island Conference Centre.

“This is a program that’s definitely highly recommended for people out there who are struggling,” he said. “It’s helped me out quite a bit.”

Chef Chow wants the community to know that anyone is encouraged to come enjoy lunch each Monday.

“We accept all sorts and we want to put it out to the neighborhood that it’s not just for the unhoused or who’s ever kind of walking the streets. It’s for everybody in our neighborhood here at St. Paul’s church,” he said.

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